About Us

Hello and Welcome, 

This is us, the Mother and Daughter duo. We have been blessed to live in the city for many years and transitioned to the beautiful suburb of Burlington, Ontario, and the magickal Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. Our surroundings have allowed us to create a balanced life and a closer relationship to mother nature.

As a family, we strive to find balance and expand our perceptions to cultivating kindness to earth and our bodies through the practice of conscious living.

We hope to inspire others to collectively change the world for the better through patience and love of one's self, re-connecting to earth, and embracing naturally provided resources while also giving back. 

Change needs to be made in this world for the greater good; first, we must start with ourselves. With love and compassion, we can make this world a beautiful place.

We are grateful for your visit.

With love and healing, 

Chanele (Coco) Tangco, Co-founder & Creator, Certified Life Coach, Certified Aromatherapist

Jennifer Tangco, Co-founder & CEO, Certified Life Coach, Macramé Artisan